Inspire File :: Smyth, a Thompson Hotel, TriBeCa, NYC

Wow, wow, wow.  So rarely do I save every image from a designer's photoset- but the ideas are too good!  Can we talk about this fireplace?!  Such honest design with a timelessness and miles of relevance remaining.  Gachot Studios' 2014 renovation of the Smyth in New York City is on my list for next weekends visit. 

Inspire File :: Considered Details

We're making the leap and listing the house in Jamaica Plain!  I'll share the photos next week...  in the meantime, I'm styling like a madman to enhance the special moments in the house.  Here are some recent design finds that will be inspiring the current staging and future spaces. 

Inspire File :: Modern (not Midcentury) Houses

Dreaming of a modern home with midcentury roots without the retro.  Surprisingly, its very hard to find.  I have my wish list as far as floor plans (revolving mostly around the kitchen and master bath). Lane Williams Architects in Seattle has done it.  I think in 20 years this home will seem evergreen and convey a sense of modern timelessness.

Inspire File :: Kitchen Planning

In thinking about a new home (read: NEW PROJECT!) the kitchen is where I think I've learned the lessons to really create something spectacular.  Our current space is beautiful.  Friends love it.  And it's served us pretty well.  There's an island for laying out spreads for entertaining and three comfy bar stools for lingering.  There's professional Jenn-Air appliances and good lighting.  Here's what I've been collecting- each with great little idealets.  (great little ideas)  

Inspire File :: Gjon Mili

Mili may be best known for photographing Picasso's light drawings for LIFE magazine, but his own works exploring human motion are rather amazing.  Turns out he was one of the first to use an electronic flash and stroboscopic lighting to capture non-scientific imagery. 

Inspire File :: Lightmaker Studio

I'd gotten out of bed a little quicker had I known I'd come across Lightmaker Studio this [Monday] morning.  I love the references to contemporary and Mid-Century classics but with their own twist.  Don't think Im not making a shopping list for my next trip to Toronto.

Inspire File :: TGIThursday.

Having finally organized my Macbook's desktop to reflect my minimalist fall intentions, I found some gems under the hundreds of files and clippings unearthed.  

Also, why won't it get cool enough to flip my wine switch?  Im not really craving whites or roses and its not cool enough for reds...  Whiskey it is.  

Inspire File :: Kitchen Duty

Location, Location, KITCHEN!

Now that I've lived with both 100 year old kitchens, Mid-Century kitchens, and new construction- Im learning the non-negotiables in my NEXT kitchen.  It's the room that sells me on the rest of the house.  If I can't picture myself entertaining from behind a kitchen island, slinging drinks from a wet bar, or where the wine storage will be, it's a non-starter.  

My kitchen must-haves:  Counter-depth refrigerator, concealed appliances where possible, a real exhaust hood, Wood+Stone+Metal+Tile, statement pendants, functional storage, and entertaining flow. 

Inspire File :: Las Vegas Furniture Market Summer 16 Finds

I always leave market feeling two things:  Poor, and that my home is completely inadequate in the furniture department.  Well I lie- the third thing I felt leaving Vegas was relief from the 105 degree heat!  

::  Furniture and Casegood Highlights ::  

Inspired Lighting :: Defining My Lighting Language

Looking back over the hundreds of swipes from the previous month- it becomes easy to spot a "trend" with the lighting Im most drawn to.  Perfect spherical glass shades, brass accents, minimal framing, unique suspension elements...  When you get that proportion right- its really right. 

Inspire File :: Oversized Abstract Artwork

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've noticed the enormous surge in abstract artwork in design publications.  As an abstract painter myself, I keep a huge stockpile of inspiration for when the urge to paint hits.  These inspirations manipulate the medium to great effect- some look like metal, some look accidental...  

Inspired Sightings :: High Point Market Fall 2015

Some beautiful finds from Market.  I was there strictly as a trend scout- which is always fun.  Favorite showrooms:  Visual Comfort (Aerin Lauder and Kelly Wearstler collections), Cisco Brothers, Four Hands, Soicher Marin, Noir, Palacek, Bobo Intriguing Objects.  

Major trends:  suede, stone, naturals, and brass.  


Yesterday in the office we had a head scratching moment when discussing cerulean as it pertained to a rug color-- and we had to Google it.  Thanks art school- you let me down.  Turns out it is a deep sky-blue shade of blue.  Here's a little inspiration.  

Natural Wonders :: Unexpected Floral Palette

I'll fully own up to these floral arrangements giving me goosebumps.  If these color palettes don't speak to you, then you could be dead inside.  Ha!  These are ripped form my favorite shelter mag- Australian Vogue Living- a title Im having a REALLY hard time tracking down in Boston.  

If a tree falls in the forest...

“the three-metre diameter megaphones will operate as a ‘bandstand’ for the forest around the installation, amplifying the sounds of nature.”

The installation is featured in Estonia’s Pähni Nature Centre, known for its study trails and using the forest as its “outdoor classroom.” Student Birgit Õigus designed the piece as a part of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Hannes Praks, who leads the Interior Architecture Department, says,

Bouroullec's Serif Television for Samsung

If you've ever perused the electronics department at a Brittish or Parisienne department store, you're likely to see some stellar industrial design.  Im not sure why American and European TV design diverged like this-  there are plenty of European models with their own stands.  In the US we've designed our tiny thin televisions to need another large piece of furniture to support it- defeating the point!  

The Bouroullec Brothers created an amazing line here-  relegated only to our friends across the pond at this point.  I hope that changes.  

Sinnerlig :: Isle Crawford's collection for IKEA

Unbelievable use of sustainable materials-  and the brass supports on the table?  Don't even get me started.  Also coveting the bench with woven supports- how fresh and familiar...

Inspired Events :: The Green Room at the Academy Awards

Did you know Architectural Digest has designed the green room at the Oscars for the last 13 years?   I wasn't SUPER impressed at first- but check out the video- they build this space from scratch!  I know what thats like- and the work involved to build a house miss en place indoors.  Of course with sponsors like Holly Hunt and design partners like Julienne Moore, the space is very current- very cool, very casual and not uptight.  

Inspired Architects :: Vincent Van Duysen

Duysen is one of those designers whose spaces make me hold my breath for a moment- and it of course reminds me of my favorite hotel in the architect's home turf.  (Hotel Julien)  The Belgian architect is the go-to for Julianne Moore's own homes.  

These spaces represent my ultimate minimalism fantasies.  Those waxed & bleached wide plank oak floors, the steel frame room dividers, the absence of synthetic materials...  Walking into these spaces your blood pressure drops.  You instantly relax.  Your happiness quotient skyrockets.  You get to focus on the people around you, or the book you're reading, or the music on the playlist.

Inspired Events :: Ambiente!

Pronounced "Ahm-Bee-Yontay" - its the best housewares show in the world- and its going on now.  The Frankfurt based show happens every spring- the vendor showrooms pack a punch of trend- setting the direction for the year ahead.  

I'm not attending this show this year- but I'll scour the blog coverage and bring you the best of the best.