Inspired Design :: Studio KO

Every so often exists a moment when two designers come together and produce spaces that are literally so beautiful, they wrench your heart, make your jaw tighten, and stop your breathing momentarily.  That was the case when I stumbled on works by Studio KO, founded by Karl Fournier and Oliver Marty.  They met at the École des Beaux-Arts (the French school of architecture) and have been partners in every sense of the word for 18 years.  Their first office opened in Paris in 2000, then quickly expanded to an office in Morocco and now London.  

Their projects display a strong sense of craftsmanship with vernacular elements that cue a project's geographical heritage- but then the style is skewed to be something so much more.  

Totally fresh, totally new, if one day I got to hire an architect to build one of my homes, Studio KO would be on that list.   

Several images from T Times Style Magazine, including the portrait of the two designers.