Inspired Artists :: Victor Vasarely's Black and Whites

He may be called the "grandfather" of the short-lived OP-ART movement (his Zebras below are considered to be one of the first pieces to categorize the movement) but Vasarely's artwork is rather au-currant with design tastes and aesthetics within the contemporary modern art world.  Im especially drawn to the black, white, and grey pieces- the paintings are mostly conceptual in subject and command a second look... 

Loads of designers use his artwork as print inspiration- I only wish he was given a little more credit- I complimented a co-workers phone case yesterday and said "Vasarely?!" to which she gave me a puzzled looks and said "You mean Trina Turk?"  Ugh.  

Inspire File : : TineK

Whats thrilling about Tine K visually is the daring stance on [minimal] color, shadow, and texture.  Her styled images instantly transport us to a cool, serene, and collected space.  There's no pretense of right or wrong, and even the mundane is on display- all the while Im creating a rich narrative in my head of the inhabitant.   Kjeldsen isn't afraid to be dark- she can certainly pull off spring-like brights and rather vibrant colors.  The gallery of images below illustrates that range.  

Tine Kjeldsen's story is equally inspirational.    The Danish brand was born from her creativity at the age of 22.  Fresh out of college with a fresh perspective on interiors,   her earlier years were spent obsessing over the decor of her bedroom in her parents home.  (Sound familiar to any of the designers out there?!)   Tine K Home is a secret resource to most in the US- and to everyone in the mid west- of which is a solid resource for the tone of many elements influencing my personal aesthetic.  

Read the rest of her story, view catalogs, and the company's blog at