Inspired Events :: The House Party

I wont beat around the bush, I like to be the instigator for memorable evenings.  Over the years I've hosted many a gathering in my 800 sq ft home, in and out of doors, with as little as 6 (the year of the blizzard) and as many as 40 (indoors, if you can believe it).  I have honed the art of the party to a couple signature elements that really make a difference.  One of those elements is the invitation.  A printed version is best, to those of whom you can hand-deliver.  I design simple 2-3 color invites printed on thick cardstock paper.  Making friends with a graphic designer always helps here, too.  

There are now great options for online invitations- evite is a disaster- but try Paperless Post for a much more elevated experience and quality of invitation.   I thought it would be fun to post a conglomeration of some of the invites from parties of the past.  Enjoy.