Inspire File :: Considered Details

We're making the leap and listing the house in Jamaica Plain!  I'll share the photos next week...  in the meantime, I'm styling like a madman to enhance the special moments in the house.  Here are some recent design finds that will be inspiring the current staging and future spaces. 

Inspired Spaces :: Dreaming of Loft Living

Big changes in the works on my end... now I can't stop thinking about living the "Urban Loft" lifestyle at least once in my life.  We know it would mean giving up a lot- moving from a 3500 square foot 60's contemporary to a 1200 square foot raw space... Im hoping the absence of walls will make that 1200 feel bigger?   

In any case, I've began to collect inspiration for a possible new space.  Nothing set in stone, or brick, or exposed ceilings yet. :)  

Inspire File :: Summer in sight...

Dreaming of laying on new chaise lounges outside, its May 14 and I still used my heated seats and steering wheel this morning.  Summer, however, is in sight.  Renovations going strong this week, but wanted to give my readers some outdoor inspiration...  Simply amazing outdoor fireplace solutions, and some interior money shots.  Just because.  

Inspire File :: Weekend Move

This is it, the last weekend I'll be a homeowner.  I say goodbye to my little urban cottage to move to a first ring suburb in a great midcentury inspired house (with a great guy).  There will be one last push this weekend to get everything out of the houses and two garages.  Which means I need to find lots of space in the new house to place these items...  

Here's some semi-random inspiration to match the million thoughts running through my head right now... 

Inspire File :: Can you feel it?

Texture over color is my rule of thumb for creating the most inviting spaces.   When people say they want "COLOR COLOR COLOR,"  I have to read between the lines a bit.  Inherently textured pieces have a range and depth of color that is just not achievable with prints and solids.  

I do think my new office may need some feathers.   Masculine feathers, of course.  Also, a magnified photo of a tortoise shell is destined to be my next piece of framed art.  

Inspire File :: Alternate Angle

A certain someone I know gets teased for not liking curves- and I can usually commiserate- Im attracted to angles done well.   The contrast of unique angles in classic spaces is going to be a running theme in my mind for spring...   

Inspire File :: It's not your vault.

An unused all seasons room is being upgraded after years as a rumpus room cum wood stove room cum makeshift greenhouse.  The addition was designed with a vaulted ceiling in mind but ultimately dropped for attic storage.  We want to reopen the ceiling, remove the woodstove, add a gas fireplace, replace floors and windows, and create the perfect family gathering place to watch movies and relax in loads of daylight.  Initial thoughts for treatment of the ceiling and fireplace ideas below.  

What am I most excited about?  An element or two of corten steel.  

Inspire File :: Rural Retreat

In the land of the "cabin," I dare not even use the word- it conjures terrible thoughts of golden oak, various wildlife references,  garage sale/hand-me-down furniture, and a musty smell in the air.  

I know it doesn't have to be that way- lately there have been many a daydream about a clean modern space surrounded by forrest.  I picture floor to ceiling windows to leave open in the summer, and watch the snow in the winter.  Stress free living and social spaces shrouded in natural undyed fibers and hardwoods.  

Here's several images that peaked my interest and I'll be adding to my Rural Retreat Inspiration folder.  

All images copyright of their owners and are not my own.  

Inspire File :: Ceramics

As stylists present more and more appealing bohemian mixes of ceramics and tabletop items, dinner eaten on a set of of basic white porcelain becomes less exciting.   What becomes clear is to pull off the sought after "eclectic" look in a dining space relies on choosing a palette of textures, color, and pattern that appears effortless and still collected over time.   

Beautiful examples below.  All images copyright of their respective owners.