Inspired Artists :: Victor Vasarely's Black and Whites

He may be called the "grandfather" of the short-lived OP-ART movement (his Zebras below are considered to be one of the first pieces to categorize the movement) but Vasarely's artwork is rather au-currant with design tastes and aesthetics within the contemporary modern art world.  Im especially drawn to the black, white, and grey pieces- the paintings are mostly conceptual in subject and command a second look... 

Loads of designers use his artwork as print inspiration- I only wish he was given a little more credit- I complimented a co-workers phone case yesterday and said "Vasarely?!" to which she gave me a puzzled looks and said "You mean Trina Turk?"  Ugh.  

Inspired Artists :: Richard Allen

Suddenly mad for OpArt - especially Richard Allen- an American born in 1933, d. 1999, who was lesser known than his European counterparts (Vasarely) but none the less important to the movement.  Brilliant works in charcoal and pencil that I think give him such a textural edge over the vector perfection present in his contemporaries.  

Inspired Artists :: Les Lalanne

Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne are the artist duo that since the 60's have been known as "inventive, poetic and surrealist" sculptors.  One can't help but smile when you see a fireplace in the shape of a gorilla, or a desk silhouetted as a life size rhinoceros.    

I do draw the line at the chic Parisians lounging on a flock of sheep...  The camels in the desert actually feature the couple.  

Most recently, Les Lalanne were the subject of a major retrospective at Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris and their work was featured on New York’s Park Avenue and in the sale of the collection of Yves Saint Laurent.  

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Inspired Artists :: David Wiseman

Los Angeles artist David Wiseman teeters the line between a classical sculptor and a contemporary installation artist.  The thirty one year old Wiseman has already built an impressive portfolio following his graduation from Rhode Island School of Design that includes a Dior Boutique,  municipal commissions, and plenty of press coverage (NYTimes, here).  

Wiseman's grasp of his material choices are sure to only get more refined and poetic in the future.   Read more about Wiseman on his website here

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