Inspired Materials :: Steel Frame Windows

As I sit in my Boston loft, looking out the double hung energy efficient windows, all I can think at the moment is "How lucky are people in warm climes that can use single pane steel frame windows!"

I think my next home is going to need some steel frame elements- maybe a room divider, a shower stall, cabinet doors...  I do think a great way to cheat this look is to use true divided light windows and paint the sashes and frame black...  Until then, I'll try and appreciate the energy efficiency of my current windows.  Cheers.  


Inspired Spaces :: Dreaming of Loft Living

Big changes in the works on my end... now I can't stop thinking about living the "Urban Loft" lifestyle at least once in my life.  We know it would mean giving up a lot- moving from a 3500 square foot 60's contemporary to a 1200 square foot raw space... Im hoping the absence of walls will make that 1200 feel bigger?   

In any case, I've began to collect inspiration for a possible new space.  Nothing set in stone, or brick, or exposed ceilings yet. :)