Inspire File :: Effortless Loft Style

Im not sure if its possible to get more excited about the possibility of living in a loft and starting from scratch.  I've been gathering all the artwork that has been tucked away, and digging out the dozens of frames in the basement- I do know I want the new space to be covered in art.   Mostly photography, of course.  My medium du jour.  

Inspired Spaces :: Dreaming of Loft Living

Big changes in the works on my end... now I can't stop thinking about living the "Urban Loft" lifestyle at least once in my life.  We know it would mean giving up a lot- moving from a 3500 square foot 60's contemporary to a 1200 square foot raw space... Im hoping the absence of walls will make that 1200 feel bigger?   

In any case, I've began to collect inspiration for a possible new space.  Nothing set in stone, or brick, or exposed ceilings yet. :)