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Building on an already successful launch of our new Threshold brand at Target, I was the first resource tapped by our marketing department and creative agency [Deutsch LA] to bring to life a concept called the Dollhouse.  From collaborating with an architect on the home's exterior to selecting every last detail of the home- paint colors, flooring, custom cabinetry and all the way down to the faucets and plant materials. 

We secured an amazing space in Vanderbilt Hall in New York City's Grand Central Station.  This historic prime real estate presented its own set of challenges.  While our awesome construction crew worked around the clock for 36 hours and the paint was drying, I led my team of three for a  14 hour load-in and style-out.  Waiting for us was more than 3,000 Threshold products that I had hand selected, curated by room, and had shipped to NY-- all the while keeping Vanderbilt Hall open to the public.  

To take full advantage of the space I expanded the project to include a massive lawn opposite the dollhouse, with seating for 50, lawn games, and even a fountain and doghouse.  This gave guests a place to relax and engage with our outdoor product in a very romantic setting.  


Here's an amazing time-lapse video that compresses the entire 54 hour process into less than two minutes.  

Here's the process leading up to the final product-- large scale inspiration boards led to sketches for the Deutsch LA construction team.  Each room began with a story or a hook.  The bedroom was "East Coast Botanical,"  the dining room was a "farm-house inspired dinner party-in-progress..."  Verbalizing these stories was key to on boarding the East Coast team, our Los Angeles agency, and our tiny team in Minneapolis.  

Concepts continued to be refined as product selection and layouts were finalized in what was only a 4 week timeline.  

The results were a true spectacle.  The event wasn't advertised, so imagine heading to the train for your commute and coming across a life-size dollhouse and lawn in Grand Central.  Guests interacted, tweeted, and shopped via QR coded product to reproduce the rooms they saw.  

Our most tweeted comment?   "Can I move in?!"

More of the finished product