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INSPIRED TREND :: Forecasting, Conceptual, Macro.

In the older age of trending, the team would essentially start over- season after season without purview of the past or the future.  One contribution I've made in the process of designing for our owned brands is the establishment of evolving Umbrella Trends.  

I research, distill, and promote these high-level Umbrella Trends for a $5.5B owned brand portfolio that includes Threshold, Room Essentials, Smith & Hawken, Target seasonal, and design partnerships.  These trends cover a wide aesthetic spectrum, however each Umbrella Trend is designed to be morphed to fit each of the brand's aesthetics and guest needs.  

Twice yearly I research, forecast, and synthesize socio-economic, cultural influences, and retail macro insights into what I've coined as "Umbrella Trends."  This framework of trends provides a rich preview to internal partners of what to expect in Owned Brands for the coming six months.  

Forecasting has moved into a stunning video format, narrated for precision and compressed into a less-than 15 minute time frame, enabling easy sharing within the company.  

Check out the videos for the most recent forecasts for 2015- both Spring and Fall.  


INSPIRED TREND :: Trend Travel, Istanbul, Turkey.  Fall 2014 Threshold Collection.  [Click for Bullseye View Posting]

The Fall 2014 Threshold Collection was forecasted with a decidedly global undertone that carried forward from the previous spring seasons.  However, I wanted the new textiles and hardgoods to have a fresh perspective.  Istanbul gave us loads of product inspiration- the region is known for stunning textiles and an up and coming maker culture.  Target's blog A Bullseye View sent a photography team to trail our three day excursion into Turkey and document the discovery process.