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Projects that let me flex outside my normal channels in design are the reason I get out of bed in the morning!  At Target, I get loads of interesting projects from our executive-level leadership.  I've built a reputation as a go-to designer when a project calls for a fast reaction to high profile initiatives paired with perfect style.  

Missoni for Target was a huge leap forward in the retail world's obsession with high-low designer collaborations.  Not only did we work on an enormous 150 piece collection, they were at previously unseen price points within the store.  I was given creative direction on several of the most editorial (and highest price point) pieces within the collection.  My products included the luggage collection, the bicycles, iPhone and iPad cases, and pieces that never made it into the final line- like a Vespa (tm), tricycle, and the swag bag for the editors event.  Almost every print and TV campaign featured one or more of these pieces.  Our copper Missoni chevron bike ($399) sold out in store and online on the first day and became a cult status piece, later fetching up to $1200.  (as covered by CNN)

Even more product I designed- including the Vespa that never went into production!


Target was a primary sponsor for the TED and TED Active conferences in 2013 and the company approached us to design the giveaway bag that would hold hundreds of dollars in swag for the attendees.   The bags are always a hotly anticipated giveaway at the conferences, and the previous year's bag was Jack Spade (tm), so the pressure was on! 


We decided since TED was all about sharing ideas, the project should be a collaboration- a design conversation between three designers.  A textile designer, a technical designer, and me- the industrial designer.  TED and Target loved our concept and green lighted the production of a run of 3,000 bags- which were a huge hit at the conferences.  

The coolest details?  We were able to source the same leather as Louis Vuitton (tm), we waxed the zip off shoe bags, AND, the bag could be carried as a backpack, tote, or briefcase.